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"Elementary Quantum Mechanics of Gravitation and Antigravitation"

"Elementary Quantum Mechanics of Gravitation and Antigravitation"

Publisher: "RPK-Polytechnik", Volgograd, 2006 Softcover, 140 pages. ISBN 5-230-04688-0

Alexander Stadnitsky
Evgeny Stadnitsky
Sergey Stadnitsky

Suggested quantum mechanics allows one to make calculations in the field of gravitation, antigravitation and other interactions using general laws.

The fundamental basis of the interactions of all kinds is the law of equivalents of units, which allows one not only to find relations between mechanical and electromagnetic units but also to attach a common sounding to some physical values. This raised the qualitative content of the theory and gained insight into many problems. It was revealed that all the interactions are result from resonance. The developed theory of resonance allows one to obtain absolute precise values of the physical characteristics of interaction without the introduction of any correcting values, such as Lange multiplication factors. This developed theory therefore has the advantage over the existing theories of resonance in modern science.

In addition, the suggested theory of resonance is a common feature for all kinds of interactions; this provides a new quality and a new view on the fundamental basis of physics. This was readily demonstrated by practical calculations performed using the common scheme in relation to the electron and nuclear magnetic resonance, gravitational resonance in the Earth-Moon interaction, and separate resonance in the gravitational fields of the Earth and the Moon.

One should dwell on a question of the physics of time. This theory has no analogues. Time is the basis of the Universe. All kinds of radiation without exception (and, consequently, the matter) exist due to the relative time. The physics of time brings the integrity to the science, permits one to look at the world from the universal position as beginning from the interaction of a traveler with the space-time, and finishing by not so obvious, complicated interactions, such as electromagnetic, nuclear, gravitational, antigravitational interactions, and some others, which have no names for the time being.

As a result of calculations on the base of the related “Theory of Everything” (Grand Unified Theory?), it turned out that modern gravitation science is at the lowest stage of development. For example, it is commonly accepted that the Cavendish gravitational constant is the world fundamental. The application of this postulate in many theories divided physics into different kinds of interaction, which are poorly interrelated. In addition, the results of experiments and observations are adapted to these crazy theories. It never occurred to modern science that the thesis on the constancy of the gravitational constant violates the energy conservation law and all other conservation laws. As a consequence, mankind speculates on the on the subject of the Moon conquering in spite of the truth. According to calculations presented in this booklet, a man could not return from the Moon since he would be crushed by his own weight. The same is valid in relation to taking probes of lunar soil and other episodes from the ”Conquering of the Moon by man”.

It is worthy to note that the practical value of the suggested theory is for the creation of theoretical grounds for the development of new spacecrafts that are regarded by modern physics as science fiction. In addition, the knowledge of the basis of gravitation allows one to easily determine which values should be measured in devices intended for long-term earthquake prediction.

Undoubtedly, the physics of time possesses an attractive force. It is possible that as a result of further development of the science we shall learn to travel in time. There are grounds for this statement. The physics of time is not as well developed a science as other theories. It can be readily developed in the direction of both the microcosm or cosmology. There appear new questions and new paradoxes, the solution of which could result in striking discoveries in the cognition of the Universe.