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Mass Effect: Revelation

Mass Effect: Revelation

Publisher: RPK "Politechnik", Volgograd, 2007. Softcover, 208 pages. ISBN 5-230-05063-2

Alexander Stadnitsky
Evgeny Stadnitsky
Sergey Stadnitsky

The famous virtual universe of "Mass Effect" has found literary expression. For the first time in Russian first novel cycle novellizatsy - "Mass Effect. Opening!

All developed societies Galaxy, to varying degrees, owe their development of the heritage proteantsev - an ancient race who disappeared fifty thousand years ago. Once in 2148 on Mars has found a bunker, kept some of the technology proteantsev, mankind is rapidly gaining its place in the outer society.

And on the edge of outer space war hero and captain David Anderson, the Alliance is conducting an investigation on the death of top secret scientific base that has been a terrorist attack. It is surrounded by smoking ruins, the bodies of the dead and endless questions. Who attacked the facility and for what purpose? And where Kali Sanders, a young officer, mysteriously disappeared from the base for several hours before the attack?

All the evidence pointed to Sanders as a prime suspect, but the meeting with the Anderson still has more questions and provides no answers. Lieutenant perform their duty to humanity as a pair with a partner, to whom he can trust, pursued by hired killers, from which it is impossible to hide in the shadow of a sinister secret unknown world, which he was unable to tell anyone ... At least, so believes his opponent.